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Finding jobs - in a completely different way.
100% free of charge and anonymous

Companies are hot for you 🔥 guaranteed.
You don't have to apply yourself, we'll do it for you!

  • We bring you to the attention of employers.
  • You decide which employer you want to talk to.
  • With ZNAPP you present yourself to the job market.

What jobs can I find at Znapp?

We are continuously adding new professions and work locations.
Currently we offer job opportunities for these professions:
Job offers

How does ZNAPP work?

You create a job profile and companies apply to you!

Your profile

100% kostenlos
100% du!

You only get job offers that really fit you and your wishes.



Never again applications

Writing applications for hours and then hearing nothing from the company?

Has ZNAPP now abolished.
Companies apply to you and you sit back and relax.


Your time is yours!

You decide

A company wants to get to know you.
Now you can take another look at the job offer and the company.

Do you fit together?
You decide!


No catch, no cancellations


When your anoymous job profile has been sent to companies, we call it Znappings.

Example: You have created a job profile as warehouse worker in 60311 Frankfurt (+ 20Km radius). Znapp finds 32 matching job ads and sends your anonymous job profile automatically to the searching companies. On your personal overview page you will get 32 Znappings.

ZNAPP is 100% free of charge for you. That will never change!
ZNAPP sends your anonymous profile to all companies that have a job opening that matches your profile. As soon as a company wants to get to know you and you have agreed, ZNAPP activates your contact details and the chat. From then on you can chat with the company directly in ZNAPP or you can communicate via WhatsApp, email or phone, just as you like.
ZNAPP creates a ZNAPP profile of you from your information and sends it (initially anonymously) to all companies with a vacancy that matches you. This replaces the CV at this point! If you want, you will still be able to securely save your resume, certificates and documents in your account and send them from there to the chat.

Your profile

Less than 60 seconds (!) and your initial profile is ready to be sent to companies.
Yes, of course, no problem. As soon as your initial profile is created, you will receive your own ZNAPP account, where you can change all data or add additional information to your profile at any time.
Initially, your profile will only be published anonymously. As soon as a company asks for your contact details, you have to agree to ZNAPP releasing your profile picture and contact details.

Your new job

This can happen very quickly, maybe even tomorrow! The more information you write in your profile, the faster you will get the next job.
Describe your skills as well and accurately as you can. Reply quickly when you get a message on ZNAPP!
First of all, we are happy about your success! You can easily deactivate your ZNAPP profile at any time and reactivate it later with just one click. ZNAPP is your lifelong partner for your job search.
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