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Select suitable candidates from your individual pool to start the matching process.
Candidates would like to meet you as well? Perfect!
Unlock contact information to discuss anything further with the talent.
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Frequently asked questions about ZNAPP

On ZNAPP you can post free job offers.
In addition, our AI automatically finds your existing job ads and identifies suitable candidates for you.
100% free job offers
ZNAPP notifies you daily by email when new candidates are received.
Without obligation, you can log in to the customer area to view and organize the proposed job profiles.
Watching costs nothing!
Express your interest by requesting contact information from candidates.
As soon as the candidate confirms his interest in your job offer, you can activate all contact details and get to know each other for only 9,90 €.
No further costs will follow!

Who makes ZNAPP?

Launched with ZNAPP in 2023
HR tech startup founded in Grünwald 2021
15 years of experience in personnel & digitalization
15 employees
Job advertisements are becoming increasingly less important. The impact of the skills shortage is palpable and the pressure to keep up in the war for talent is growing every day.
It's time to break new ground.
Doron Marcu, CEO
& the team behind ZNAPP

Price and service overview

For employers
Get to know ZNAPP without obligation
per candidate contact data
no monthly costs
Offer job offers free of charge
Automatically detect job vacancies
Ongoing candidate proposals
Candidate Management Portal
Non-binding contact requests
Integrated chat
Payment by direct debit, credit card and Sofort

What our customers say

Get good contacts quickly
ZNAPP is an excellent job platform that has provided our company warehouse and sales staff with the required skills and competencies. The platform is easy to use and has saved us valuable time and effort in finding candidates.
Anton GmbH Herr Z. Naftaliev
Matching is increasingly improving
We are continuously receiving candidate suggestions from ZNAPP for real estate agents. The matches are not perfect yet, but the quality is improving. We have already been able to add many qualified employees and are looking forward to using the platform for our recruitment process in the future.
Continuous talent input
Already in the first weeks, our company has received 104 talent proposals from ZNAPP. The associated talent management software is clear and helps us contact the interested candidates quickly and easily.
TB International GmbH Frau J. Herdel
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