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Frequently asked questions about ZNAPP

On ZNAPP you can post free job offers.
In addition, our AI automatically finds your existing job ads and identifies suitable candidates for you.
100% free job offers
ZNAPP notifies you daily by email when new candidates are received.
Without obligation, you can log in to the customer area to view and organize the proposed job profiles.
Watching costs nothing!
Express your interest by requesting contact information from candidates.
As soon as the candidate confirms his interest in your job offer, you can activate all contact details and get to know each other for only 9,90 €.
No further costs will follow!


ZNAPP is an Internet platform that brings together companies and qualified professionals - very simple, very fast and incredibly cheap!

You don't have to do anything at first! ZNAPP automatically recognizes all your job offers and suggests suitable applicants to you by e-mail. At the same time, ZNAPP creates your personal user account, where you can manage all matching profiles clearly and easily. With just one click you can contact the applicants.
Each of your contact requests must be confirmed by the applicant before the payment process. So you pay only for qualified and interested applicants.From here you can directly approach your "new employee".
By the way: ZNAPP updates your application inbox immediately as soon as we have found a new suitable proposal for your job offers.

ZNAPP is a product of HeyScout GmbH with headquarters in D-82301 Grünwald near Munich. The managing director is Doron Marcu, a proven expert on the topics of labor market and digitalization.

Doron is passionate about transforming traditional recruiting methods into digital practices. Over the past 30 years, he has successfully completed several large and multinational IT projects for SMEs, global corporations and governments.

Doron has worked as a consultant for Airbus, Bayer, Lufthansa, Getrag, Deutsche Börse, Hays, Deutsche Bank, among others.

With ZNAPP, Doron will establish easy, fast and affordable access to skilled workers for companies.

You pay only 9,90 Euro plus VAT for each contact confirmed via ZNAPP. There are no additional costs!

You can't get together with qualified and interested professionals any cheaper than this.

ZNAPP currently offers you the possibility to pay via credit card, instant payment or SEPA direct debit.
You decide which option suits you best.

Of course! A full invoice will be sent to you immediately by email after the payment process and in addition a PDF file will be provided in your personal user account.

All ZNAPP servers are operated according to the highest security standards in Germany. Your data is stored and processed according to DSGVO. Data security is regularly audited by external companies.

My places

Nothing! ZNAPP automatically detects your current job offers and suggests suitable candidates to you via email. You also have the option to submit all your jobs 100% free to ZNAPP, so that ZNAPP can suggest professionals to you even faster and cheaper.
ZNAPP will find all your published job ads automatically. Moreover, in your personal user account you have the possibility to enter an unlimited number of additional jobs for free at any time.
ZNAPP is currently optimized for professions with an annual gross salary of up to 50,000 euros. Nevertheless, it makes sense to enter all your open positions in ZNAPP free of charge. You will then be notified when ZNAPP has found a suitable proposal for you.
You can deactivate your jobs individually at any time and reactivate them at a later time.

My applicants

Our employees are the best in their field. Through proactive campaigns, we build a huge pool of qualified and interested professionals in ZNAPP. As soon as an applicant's profile matches your job offer, we notify you by e-mail.

ZNAPP attaches great importance to quality! We have designed the input masks in such a way that the error rate when creating a profile is as low as possible. We also use modern verification procedures to check the "authenticity" of applicants. In order to meet the high demand for quality, we will integrate further verification procedures into ZNAPP.

Please note that all data is entered and managed by the applicants themselves. ZNAPP has no influence on the correctness of the input. Applicants are 100% responsible for the content and accuracy. Please check the information provided by the applicants in the further application process. HeyScout GmbH cannot assume any liability for the correctness of the data and information entered by applicants. If you notice that information in the profile is not correct, you can report it to us. Then we will find an uncomplicated solution!

In your user account you will find more suitable proposals. Besides, a new suggestion could be added at any time. You will be informed immediately. We assume that you will need an average of 5 contacts via ZNAPP until you have filled your vacancy.
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